Streets vs. Roads: Engineer Streets for People – Not Just Vehicles!

Strong Towns wrote this short, but to the point, piece on what the consequences are when streets are engineered for vehicles only. I shared it with our Planning Commissioners and Community Development. This is not only a safety, walkability and livability issue. It also carries enormous financial impact. My local community engineering department currently requires extremely wide streets, even when located in single family residential land use areas. This requirement means a much greater percentage of land for housing development must be dedicated to right-of-ways that are excessively sized. This adds expense to development, drives up home costs, and the cost of associated utilities. Once built, these streets increase the cost of infrastructure maintenance for the city, and place homes and people (including children) on oversized streets designed for vehicles alone, that encourage speeding. Please share this article with Mayors, City Councils and other elected officials. It is time to take back the public realm for all users.



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