GM Doraville Redevelopment Plan

The GM assembly plan in Doraville, Georgia opened in 1947 and was closed in 2008 as GM struggled to remain solvent. The site comprises 165 acres adjacent to the busy I-285 perimeter highway around Atlanta, and a MARTA transit station. In an attempt to sell the property for redevelopment, a master plan was developed to show the potential for a new transit oriented, mixed-use development on the site.

A central, mixed-use commercial/residential core leads to the MARTA station. High intensity office uses line the rail spur. Retail uses tie into the existing pattern that lies immediately west. Recreational uses buffer a proposed multi-family development from existing light industrial uses to the south. A new network of walkable blocks promote easy access to transit and help to create a park once environment.

Client: CBRE, Inc.

Location: Doraville, Georgia

Note: this work performed at Cooper Carry, Inc.

GM Doraville Image One

An initial concept plan begins to create a strong link to the MARTA station and a high intensity of uses.

GM Doraville Image Two

The master plan sites highest intensity uses within a 10 minute walk of MARTA, with high visibility to the I-285 corridor.

GM Doraville Image Three

The intense mixed-use core conceals structured parking along pedestrian scaled blocks.

GM Doraville Image Four

A mix of multi-family and townhome development offers a range of price points within a transit oriented development.

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