Just Because You Can’t Find a Place to Park …..

Parking is a universally hot topic across the board. Perceptions of “not enough parking” by consumers, of “too much and too expensive” by developers … and the list goes on. A recent public meeting I attended heard a litany of complaints from business owners in a main street environment that there was a shortage of parking. However, a quick look at an aerial from Google maps revealed an overabundance of empty parking. So, what to do? This article published by CityLab, authored by Eric Jaffe, discusses the issue, particularly in mixed-use environments. It is an issue we need to really work on, both as consumers who “park” and as urban designers who believe walkable, compact cities and towns are the best way to build beautiful and sustainable places. http://www.citylab.com/cityfixer/2015/01/just-because-you-cant-find-a-place-to-park-doesnt-mean-there-arent-way-too-many-parking-spots/384509/ Parking Lot

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