1. Top Urban Planning Graduate Programs in the USA to see my alma mater is still in the top 10 nationally. If any of you are interested, I highly recommend it!
  2. How to Revive a Neighborhood – Advice from an Artist in the Trenches It may be one of the most challenging urban planning and design problems of the 21st century - how to remediate the ill effects of past policies, practices and injustices within our communities. Just about every city and town in America harbors some degree of disinvestment in neighborhoods. And surely,...
  3. Build Your Case for Green Stormwater Management

    It seems that (finally!) "green" infrastructure practices are hitting the mainstream. I first worked with these principles way back in graduate school at Georgia Tech. So, that is more than 20 years ago! With recent record droughts and floods, an urgency to improve our stormwater practices has accelerated. And with real estate development practices that seek...

  4. Green Space: Health Benefits & Stormwater Management Rolled Into One! Access to green space is uplifting to the human spirit, and conveys real, measurable health benefits. Proximity to green space is proven to add value through increased property values. So, the next time someone proposes a "detention pond" as a stormwater management tool, push back! There are many sustainable practices tried...
  5. Public Private Partnerships: Stretching Municipal Dollars

    The use of public/private partnerships by municipalities has grown exponentially. This article, crafted by ULI, gives a great overview of all the potential applications of this strategy to accomplish municipal goals. Have you used any of these?
  6. Retail in the Suburbs – A Dire Forecast?

    Retail is so important to cities, and for many reasons. Shops provide essential goods and services, a certain level of entertainment and are the all-important source of sales taxes! So, when the local mall or power center is lagging, and anchors close leaving smaller shops struggling to survive, the retail environment...
  7. Your City: Renters vs. Owners?

    Renters vs. OwnersDuring the past two years serving as a Planning Commissioner for my city, public debate over home owners versus renters is frequent. Invariably, older, established home owners do not want any rental housing in their neighborhood. Younger community members, of course, want to rent. The perception of many...
  8. Improving Pedestrian Access in Spain

    This project in Spain improves pedestrian appeal and safety, adds street trees, and creatively saves money in a low cost street retrofit. laud8-segrestreet6
  9. Reimagining the Mall

    Randall Park Mall, Cleveland Randall Park Mall, Cleveland There are many struggling retail malls across the US, some shuttered, some limping along and not competing well in the retail marketplace. The strong players out there, such as Fashion Place in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, or Lenox Mall-Phipps Plaza in Atlanta,...
  10. Zaha Hadid – The First Woman to Win the RIBA Gold Medal for Architecture

    Hadid has always been an inspiration to me and I studied her early projects while a student at Georgia Tech. How great that her enormous talent is now recognized by RIBA. She is an icon in the practice of architecture. zaha
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